User Experience

During my career, I've been mentored under 3 UX directors, and have been a lead myself. I've conducted hundreds of user tests, and created a myriad of sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, and interactions. Journey with me as we look back on some of my more prominent UX work (feel free to click on any of these examples to take a closer look).


User Tests

Testing is probably the most critical step in a good user experience- which is why I've put it so high up on this overview. I've tested a wide variety of experiences- paper prototypes, interactive digital prototypes, and virtual reality experiences to name a few. There are a number of tasks required in good testing: Asking the right questions, testing the right interactions, taking good notes, and distilling the data into an actionable presentation that is easy for stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand.


Life of Lon User Tests

Setting up one of the hundreds of VR user tests I've conducted- this one with the BBC in Bristol, UK. Watch this video for a full breakdown.



Of all the tools in the UX toolbox, wireframes are the one of the most important. Being able to see a page layout before moving to design saves a lot of time and money. Have a look at some of the wireframes I've built.

Wilson Glove Creator Wireframe


Humana Achievement Dashboard Wireframe


User Interface Design

Not all UX professionals consider themselves designers, but I do. Being able to cross over into interface territory allows me to apply the things I've learned at the architecture phase when transitioning to the design phase. Here are some noteworthy examples.




Insurance Auto Auctions

Reddit Enhancement Suite Interface Design


User Flows

A good user flow can fundamentally determine the success of a product. Simplifying all of the user choices into an easily digestible chart means that engineers/developers, designers, product leads, sales, QA and anyone else working on the project can easily understand the scope of work- and identify where potential gaps may exist. I've done a lot of user flows in my career- here are some examples to look at.


Information architecture is a critical part of good UX- and building a good sitemap is one of the best ways to plan out that architecture. 




User Research

Learning about emerging interface approaches and outside innovations is a big part of becoming good at user experience design. I consider it my ongoing mission to learn as much as I can about the changes in UX methodologies.


SocialSense Dashboard Research Wall


Paper Prototypes

An important lesson I've learned in my journey is that there are often cases where it makes sense to sit down with pen and paper before moving to a digital prototype. Here are some prominent examples of paper prototypes I've drawn.


SocialSense Doppler



Sometimes wireframes won't cut it and a storyboard is needed to show the progression of an interactive experience. Most of the storyboards I've created were part of a game project. Here are some examples: 


To see the whole progression of this sequence, view this album.

To see the trailer based on this storyboard, go here.