Film & Editing

I've worked on a wide variety of film projects- including music videos, documentary, comedy, and promotional. Whether it's sitting behind the camera, screenwriting, or editing, I have a huge love of the filmmaking process. Here are some notable samples.


Life of Lon: "Chapter 1 Release Trailer" (2017)

A trailer showcasing the story and gameplay of Life of Lon chapter 1.


Life of Lon: "The Big Pitch" (2016)

This short gives an overview of the work Block Interval has done on the VR story game Life of Lon.



Life of Lon Demo Debut (2016)

A filmette I edited about Block Interval's trip to Bristol, UK to demo at the VR World Congress.


Luke's Wish (2016)

A filmette I filmed and edited about my son's Make a Wish Disney Cruise.


The NSA is Creepy (2013)

A commercial I wrote, directed, cast, and edited in support of the Restore the Fourth movement.


Western Avenue to Union Station (2010)

A fun vignette that takes us from Western Avenue into Chicago's Union Station.



Writing is a big part of filmmaking- and it's a part that I truly enjoy. Here's a short sample of a script I wrote for a trailer for Life of Lon. You can view the video that resulted from the script here.


Life of Lon Trailer: “The Big Pitch”

Inspiring and complex piano that starts off curious and mysterious and then gets more passionate as the video goes on before coming back down and easing us into the main theme (Jupiter)
Block Interval logo animation (music starts here and continues - 6 seconds)
A curious companion (screen capture of the yep encounter- 5 seconds)
With a mysterious past (Flipping through all the iterations of yep and getting to his newer forms - 5 seconds)
A dramatic story unfolds (crash sequence in fast motion - 5 seconds)
Beneath an alien planet (show concept art leading up to final gameplay - 5 seconds)
A passionate team (5 seconds of video of the team)
With a story to tell (5 seconds of all the different concept art courtland has done)
A seated VR journey (5 seconds, look around the space ship, look around under water at the stingray and up at the ship)
Into another world (5 seconds of traveling with yep, going up geyser)
Dramatic conclusion (2 seconds)
Life of Lon logo lockup (remainder, credits)



I picked up the guitar at age 28 and started writing music. In 2014, I began going in studio and working with the very talented Dave Nelson. I wrote and sang, he produced, and we made music together. Spending a year and a half every week in studio taught me about what goes into making good music- and it's done a lot to prepare me for working on other projects that need a musical component.

Special thanks to the fantastic musical and production talents of Dave Nelson at Alley Cat Recording as well as Sal Palacios and Svilen Stoicheff who provided amazing guitar on Lon's Ballad and Put the Molotov Down.