Alan Herron   Full-stack Designer,  Humana

Alan Herron
Full-stack Designer,

Daniel Allen is one of the most talented, driven and dynamic individuals that I have worked with in recent history. He is an Alexandrite of Design—an individual with a rare duo-competency to shine in both the visual and interaction design arenas. He stays current with industry and UX trends, and his tenacity towards improving his own skills coincidentally improves the ability of those around him. He has an amazing personality and is a pleasure to work with.

PS: Did you know that he is also an accomplished musician, video game developer, Android activist and VR enthusiast?
Steven Rovery   Principal UX Designer,  Capital One Digital

Steven Rovery
Principal UX Designer,
Capital One Digital

Working with Daniel on Discovery Techbook was eye-opening. His knowledge of gaming helped open the product into new territory.

He is not afraid to challenge the team for the good of a product, and thinks thoroughly about the user’s flow through a multi-screen experience.

He also stays current with the tools of the trade, and offered several software solutions to streamline internal process.
Sal Palacios  Sr. UI Developer,  Networked Insights

Sal Palacios
Sr. UI Developer, Networked Insights

As Senior UI Developer, I had the pleasure of working directly with Dan Allen at Networked Insights on a variety of projects. Dan was the Design/UX Lead and was instrumental in synthesizing high level business rules and UX design principals into very efficient and elegant interfaces. Whether he was designing comps, illustrations, creating prototypes or defining user flows, there was always a very high level of thought and process that went into all his deliverables. Much of his time was spent conducting user testing and needs analysis with clients to distill the essence of the usability concerns for current and future products.

Dan always prioritizes usability concerns when delivering designs and proving out designs, the results are always very relevant and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces. His approach is very collaborative as he spends a lot time working across different teams getting many different perspectives, which is a testament to his communications abilities.

I also enjoyed the creative sessions led by Dan for trouble shooting & concepting pragmatic solutions to problems we encountered, He never failed to amaze me with his level of problem solving skills and his ability to articulate and synthesize ideas while always raising the bar on innovation.

Dan has the right blend of creativity, design skills, technical knowledge coupled with excellent communication abilities that make him a vital leader in his fields. Yet, what I’ll miss most, is his high level of energy, ownership and passion that he brings to every project. Dan’s vision will be sorely missed, though I know he will be a vital asset to any team that values the importance of design and excellence.
Svilen Stoicheff   Front End Manager,  Networked Insights

Svilen Stoicheff
Front End Manager,
Networked Insights

Dan is what a good Web designer should be - he understands the importance of user-centered design, he is skilled in UX practices and techniques, and he relies on usability research to make experience design decisions. Dan is proficient in the tools of digital artistry, as well as Web standards. He can express his creative visions in the tools of the Web - HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and that is a rare skill set to find among UX/Graphic designers. My interaction with Dan at Networked Insights was both productive and pleasant, and I’d recommend him to any organization that is serious about Web design and development.
Chris O'Neill  Test Engineer,  Jellyvision

Chris O'Neill
Test Engineer,

I did not know much about the field of User Experience before I met Dan, and to me, Dan typifies a User Experience professional. He starts with the assumption that we do not know what software to build until we talk to the user. And that is what he did. In the redesign of one of our major applications, Dan participated in over 20 user interviews. He put together an action plan from this feedback, and took ownership, not of his idea, but of his articulation of our users’ needs. Dan sees it as his mission to advocate for the most usable product, and any software team would benefit from his diligence and passion.
Caitlin Souther  Consumer Insights,  Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Caitlin Souther
Consumer Insights,
Blue Cross and Blue Shield

I met Dan while working at Networked Insights. It was—and still is—a start-up company focused on leveraging social data to inform enterprise decisions. Dan was an integral part of helping this company grow and prosper. As a Senior User Interface Designer, Dan showed a keen eye for quality and detail when working on front end development. More importantly, however, is Dan’s passion for user interaction and ensuring ease of usability across teams. Despite being a small company, Dan tirelessly advocated for formalized user experience testing. As a result of his efforts, the company now has a small team dedicated to ensuring employees at each level can provide valuable feedback into building and iterating upon the quality of our data tools. Even though Dan is no longer at Networked Insights, I am confident that he will bring his strong work ethic and creative ideas to any company he joins in the future.
Sebastian Seith  Software Engineer,  Networked Insights

Sebastian Seith
Software Engineer,
Networked Insights

Dan is one of the most passionate individuals I have ever worked with. He took ownership of a number of projects when we worked together at NI, and he never accepted anything less than a superior product from himself and his colleagues. He has a very keen eye for design including a strong focus on usability and a truly memorable user experience. He also has a strong understanding of how to work with both users and engineers to bring a product to fruition.

On the other side of things, Dan was always a wonderful colleague to work with. Every day, he helped foster an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment in our work. He also knit a tight group of colleagues who became friends, and I think each of us will miss him now that he has moved on.
Steve Sobel  Creator,  Reddit Enhancement Suite

Steve Sobel
Reddit Enhancement Suite

Daniel’s experience with user interaction design has helped transform Reddit Enhancement Suite from a developer-driven “usable” tool into an attractive application that is a joy to use. His enthusiasm to create and improve, combined with his attention to detail, would make an excellent addition to any team.
Brandon Brown  Creative Director,  Faulkner Media Group

Brandon Brown
Creative Director, Faulkner Media Group

Dan is a great hire and a great person to work alongside. We hired Dan to step in and fill a technical need—the design and the front-end dev all of our websites. He filled this role to the nines, and on top of that he introduced a dialogue in our company about the way that our brand was perceived (and how that could be changed and leveraged) in the marketplace.

Dan works on each project with passion and an energy dedicated to making that particular project as successful as possible. Dan earned my trust quickly and kept it for the long-term. Since switching companies, I’ve specifically reached out to Dan and hired him to help with projects that require a strong front-end dev man and great designer that can motivate and manage himself to do great work. Highly recommended.
Chris Larson  Sr. Developer,  Scrip Companies

Chris Larson
Sr. Developer,
Scrip Companies

Dan is a great designer with strong SEO skills. I worked with Dan during several iterations of Liquidus’ Video On Demand product, and was able to see several examples of Dan’s uncluttered, attention-grabbing designs. His work has been seen by millions of Comcast Video On Demand users. Dan’s work with was fantastic. Importantly, Dan is willing to teach and guide, and recognizes the value of a team. He’s sharp, personable, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him.
Ian Baaske  .net Developer,  University of Chicago School of Business

Ian Baaske
.net Developer, University of Chicago School of Business

Daniel is an extremely talented designer with great knowledge of Photoshop and implementation using HTML, CSS and jQuery plugins. He’d be a great choice as a designer and an asset to any team.
Trent Sherrell  UX Director,  50,000 Feet

Trent Sherrell
UX Director,
50,000 Feet

Rarely does one discover a person with the zeal Daniel Allen has for what he does, day in and day out. Therefore, it is a no-brainer to recommend Mr. Allen as, not only an expert in his chosen field, but guru of Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

My experience with Mr. Allen was as colleagues at Fusion92, an interactive marketing firm in Arlington Heights, IL. Brought in as an interactive designer, Daniel soon differentiated himself and earned the reputation as the go-to guy for all things SEO, SEM, online rankings, ad-word strategies, et al.
It was a pleasure to work along side Daniel. I look forward to seeing where his passion and great work ethic will take him.

I would be more than happy to personally endorse Mr. Allen. Feel free to contact me.
Lesa Lee  Account Director,  Epsilon

Lesa Lee
Account Director,

Dan has a strong work ethic mixed with a passion for search engine optimization and social media. He cared for his projects as if he were the client and the projects were his own. Due to his strong knowledge base he was able to propose solutions to challenges as they arose and happy to contribute. He was always willing to step in where needed.

Dan’s professional life has been born and bred out of the digital arena and lends to his expansive understanding of it. I enjoyed working with Dan during my time at Fusion92.
Vanessa Priebe  Platforms Specialist,  Google

Vanessa Priebe
Platforms Specialist,

Daniel is a wonderful Interactive Designer who has a vast knowledge of SEM. Since Daniel has joined the Fusion92 team, the SEO of the company website has drastically improved and site traffic has substantialy increased. Daniel always brings a positive energy into the office each day that is contagious among his co-workers.
Ben Lalisan   Sr. Graphic Designer, Lampo Group

Ben Lalisan
Sr. Graphic Designer, Lampo Group

Knowledgeable and efficient. Dan knows his craft. He’s is a talented front end developer and web designer and his expertise is sure to help you navigate through this crazy brand / design world.
Darlene Lorenzo   Marketing Director, Midwesco Filter Resources

Darlene Lorenzo
Marketing Director, Midwesco Filter Resources

Daniel helped Midwesco Filter update our company logo. I was looking to keep the same look as the old logo for recognition purposes but to update it with a new updated look that matched our corporate branding image.

Daniel did an excellent job in digesting my ideas and wrapping them together to create a look that reflected that we were leaving behind our old image and moving forward to our new “going green” image that I wanted to portray for Midwesco while simulataneously showing Midwesco’s global presence in the industrial filtration marketplace.

Daniel is a very knowledgeable, creative and dependable person to work with.