Born to Create

Since kicking off his career as an artist and designer in 2000, this Chicago native has traversed a wide array of projects and skillset demands. He got his start in traditional drawing and print design, but then branched off into web design, front end development, search marketing, information architecture, user experience, writing, music, film, and game design. He has worked with a wide variety of clients- from local startups to regional car dealerships to national brands like H&R Block, Georgia Tech and Comcast.

Dan's superpower is that he is endlessly creative- preferring situations that require split second ideas and boundless improvisation. 

Block Interval

Courtland Winslow and Dave Nelson, lead artist and lead developer respectively at Block Interval.

Courtland Winslow and Dave Nelson, lead artist and lead developer respectively at Block Interval.

Towards the end of 2014, Dan formed a creative studio called Block Interval LLC with his best friend Stephane Philippe-Auguste. Dan currently functions as partner and creative director of all creative projects worked on by Block Interval. Current projects include:

Life of Lon
On August 21st, 2014- late at night- Dan had the idea for an indie game. A cosmonaut who has crashed to a watery planet and must navigate a complex and heady psychological journey through space and time. Life of Lon is now in its demo stage, and Dan is shopping it around to investors.

Ten Stories Trilogy
Early in 2010, Dan began to write the seed ideas for what would eventually become Ten Stories- a 660 page graphic novel trilogy told in a unique chronological way. 

The Ten Stories Trilogy was complicated enough of an idea that it warranted the creation of a unique writing tool. Clockwork is the interface Dan came up with to solve the problem of writing such a complex story.


Dan's studio

Adobe Photoshop (Expert, 15 years experience)
Adobe InDesign (Expert, 14 years experience)
Adobe Fireworks (Intermediate, 11 years experience)

HTML 4/5 (Expert, 13 years experience)
CSS (Expert, 11 years experience)
Adobe Dreamweaver (Expert, 13 years experience)
Microsoft Visual Studio (Intermediate, 4 years experience)

Creative Writing (Expert, 20+ years experience)
Copywriting (Advanced, 15 years experience)

SEO (Expert, 6 years experience)
PPC/Google Adwords (Expert, 6 years experience)
Google Analytics (Expert, 7 years experience)
Email Campaigns (Intermediate, 2 years experience)

Adobe Premiere (Advanced, 11 years experience)
Adobe Flash Animation (Intermediate, 9 years experience)
Jquery Plugin Integration (Intermediate 4 years experience)

User Experience
Wireframing (Expert, 6 years experience)
Sitemapping (Expert, 6 years experience)
Information Architecture (Expert, 6 years experience)
Usability Testing (Advanced, 4 year experience)
Axure RP Pro (Expert, 1 year experience)
Lucid Chart (Expert, 2 years experience)
Microsoft Visio (Intermediate, 2 year experience)

Drawing (Advanced, 20+ years experience)
Adobe Illustrator (Intermediate, 8 years experience)
Wacom Tablet (Expert, 12 years experience)
Spray Paint on Canvas (Intermediate, 1 year experience)

Google Docs (Advanced, 5 years experience)
Microsoft Office (Expert, 16 years experience)

On the Side

On his own time, Dan enjoys gaming. He has personally owned almost every major console since the days of the Atari. He is also a film enthusiast having formerly worked at Hollywood Video. His love of gaming and media has spilled over into his work. He takes many cues from other mediums when he approaches his creative work.